Every Soul would taste death.

Death is a debt we all owe and would have to pay at some point. In fact someone dies daily and as Muslims we are guided by our Deen to bury our dead swiftly.


The Nabiy sallallaahu alayhi wassalam was reported to have said (Sahih Bukhari: Volume 2, Book 23, Number 462)


Narrated Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri :

Allaah’s Apostle said, “When the funeral is ready (for its burial) and the people lift it on their shoulders, then if the deceased is a righteous person he says, ‘Take me ahead,’ and if he is not a righteous one then he says, ‘Woe to it (me)! Where are you taking it (me)?’ And his voice is audible to everything except human beings; and if they heard it they would fall down unconscious. “

Since death often comes unexpected, most people barely have the right information on how to send of the dead or have the required items to wash and shroud the dead.

We have thus put together a pack that contains all you need to wash and shroud the dead. We would also be running practical workshops to help educate people on how to send off their loves ones the proper way.

We have Packs that contain all the required items. Our Kafan (shroud) comes either as the plain white cotton or as the ihraam clothes used during hajj.

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